Post-op rehabilitation

For many orthopedic surgeries, good rehabilitation is crucial to achieve the optimal outcome of the surgery. Starting early is important.

Our therapist is experienced in providing rehabilitation for various surgeries including ACL reconstruction, total knee replacement, meniscus repair, rotator cuff repair, fracture fixations, spinal fixations, and so on.

We work to help patients reduce pain and swelling, improve joint movement, improve mobility, as well as return to work and sports.

Acute and chronic pain

Severe pain can be disabling, making it difficult to seek treatment at a clinic. We attend to you at your home to help ease the pain with an added convenience to you.

Our therapist is experienced in treating pain related to various conditions such as knee osteoarthritis, cervical and lumbar stenosis, sciatica, etc.

Our treatment approach

Recovery from pain is a multifactorial process that requires multifactorial solutions. Pain can be caused and modulated not only by injuries, postures, flexibility, and muscles strength, but also by stress, sleeping quality, general health, and so on. We assess each patient individually to develop a holistic management plan for recovery.

Our therapist is dedicated to provide knowledge and insights to your condition. We utilize various treatment such as manual therapy, exercises, and taping.

What to expect during a treatment session?

On the day of your appointment, our therapist will visit you at your home. The therapist will take a detailed history and assess your condition before treatment starts. The whole session will last around 1 hour.

We see you at your home, at the price of a regular trip to a physiotherapy clinic!